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Athabasca University

Our People


Centre for Humanities

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Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies

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Centre for Social Sciences

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Professor Emeritus

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Administrative Staff

Blaquiere, Sandra
Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 780-675-6564

Baron, Bertha
Administrative Course Assistant
Phone: 780-675-6351

Brown, Lorna
Information Architect
Phone: 780-675-6587

Bury, Gloria
Administrative Course Assistant
Phone: 780-675-6931

Day, Janice
Administrative Professional Officer
Phone: 780-675-6581

Demko, Marissa
Administrative Course Assistant
Phone: 780-675-6283

Dobbie, Bonnie Lou
Administrative Course Assistant
Phone: 780-675-6164

Haley, Jacqueline
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 780-675-6716

Morland, Krista
Coordinator Administrative Student Services
Phone: 780-675-6486

Rosich, Joe
Administration and Production Coordinator
Phone: 780-675-6955

Stahl, Susan
Administrative Course Assistant
Phone: 780-675-6375

West, Caitlynn
Administrative Professional Officer
Phone: 780-428-2056

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Course Production Staff

Course Production Editors

Buzila, Heather
Phone: (780) 392-1213

Gerald, Amy
Phone: 780-392-1216

Leggo, Jonathan
Phone: 780-675-6952

McCaffery, Joel
Phone: (780) 497-3406

Silvester, Reg
Phone: 780-675-6953

Van de Pitte, Karys
Phone: 780-428-7286

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Production Group

Buchanan-Peterson, Deb
Phone: 780-675-6291

Gordon, Lee-Ann
Phone: 780-675-6433

MacNeil, Bryan
Phone: 780-675-6146

Manuel, Chris
Phone: 780-675-6597

Van Dyke, Anneleise
Phone: 780-675-6775

Zahara, Gloria
Phone: 780-675-6293

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Visual Communication Designers

Anderson, Margaret
Phone: 780-675-6306

Grivois, Ian
Phone: 780-421-2535

Learning Designers

Addison, Stephen
Phone: 780-421-5838

Guadarrama, Luis
Phone: 780-421-5862

Han, Andrew
Phone: 780-428-2058

Write Site

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